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BULOIL is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in the supply of fuel and oil for agricultural machines. The company is well known and has a long tradition among farmers across the country.

The company was established in 1992 as a project of the American Society for the Promotion of Cooperatives - "VOCA".

Over the past years, BULOIL follows its established policy of being "a reliable partner of Bulgarian farmers."

Through its various programs BULOIL strives to provide its customers with a wide range of opportunities through which they can realize their production potential.

The confidence that the company has managed to earn from its demanding customers in the face of machine operators and service engineers is built entirely on a few facts: honesty, high quality goods and services, efficiency of supply due to the regionalization of our warehouses throughout the country and of course - the most competitive conditions for collaboration.

The provider of liquid fuels for BULOIL is the Bulgarian refinery Lukoil Neftochim - Bourgas, which is a guarantee of proven and unquestionable quality.

Since 2003, the company launched several new projects, among which especially interesting was the joint project between BULOIL and PRISTA JSC. Its main objective was the creation of a new product - motor oil for Bulgarian farmers - "BULOIL" - a real challenge due to the specific conditions of our machine park.

Particularly successful are the joint projects of BULOI LTD and BULAGRO AD, which are highly appreciated by our clients.

In all matters relating to the selection and proper use of products offered by BULOIL, our customers can consult the regional sales representatives.

The petroleum lubricating oils, called "industrial oils", are used for the lubrication of machinery equipment in manufacturing, construction, chemical and textile industry, energy, agriculture.

Provide reliability and long life for your engine with BULOIL.

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