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Information for warning and actions of the affected population in case of a major accident in the warehouse of BULAGRO AD on the land of Nova Zagora
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Bulagro AD is a commercial structure oriented towards satisfaction of the needs of the agricultural producers on the territory of the whole country.
The company has nine trade centers in Bulgaria.
An element of the commercial structure of the company is the warehouse for plant protection products in the city of Nova Zagora. Several special buildings have been built on the territory of the warehouse. They store plant protection products - liquid, solid, powder and aerosol, in various packages and volumes of danger, which are subject to control under the Environmental Protection Act and the Ordinance on the prevention of major accidents with hazardous substances and to limit of the consequences of them. According to the above two regulations, you will be informed about these stored substances and the potential danger of them in a major accident.
However, let's first clarify:
By industrial accident we mean one in which, as a result of the release of hazardous substances or other hazards, there may be a danger to humans and the environment. This is possible only when all our technical and organizational measures that must prevent the accident fail at the same time. The probability of being affected by such an event is extremely small.
Our main goal is to prevent this completely by constantly monitoring the security systems. So your and our security are our constant concern! If, however, despite all security measures, a major accident occurs, then this information will give you the necessary guidelines and instructions on how to behave.
The warehouses for storage of preparations - chemical substances, consist of separate cells, as the substances are stored according to the Ordinance for the order and the way of storage of chemical substances and mixtures and the Ordinance for joint storage of substances and materials. Storage cells for storage of preparations are secured against possible spillage, technical means are provided to limit spills and the necessary sorbents. The warehouses are marked with signs with the categories of danger of chemical substances. Tightly closed and well-ventilated rooms, away from sources of ignition with a storage temperature of + 15 ° C to 25 ° C.
 The design maximum capacity of all warehouses is a total of 476.4 tons.
 PPPs, of which:
 3.1 items of PPP classified in category P5c + E; Flammable liquids
100.3 items of PPP classified in category E1; Dangerous for the aquatic environment
167 PPP items classified with category E2; Dangerous for the aquatic environment
206 items of PPP are not hazardous preparations that do not fall within the scope of Annex 3 of the EPA.
It should be borne in mind that the maximum quantities of preparations used are design and can practically never be reached during storage.
More than 200 types of substances are periodically stored in the warehouses. The active substances of some of them can have negative effects on the environment and human health.
These are usually:
Human health hazards:
Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause irritation and dermatitis.
Security hazards:
Highly flammable. Forms flammable or explosive vapors when heated.
Environmental hazards:
Toxic to living organisms in aquatic environment. May cause adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
Detailed information on the specific hazards to human health and the environment can be found in the safety data sheets of each of the products on the Internet.
Accidents are unlikely to occur because storage facilities for hazardous substances are equipped, operated, continuously inspected and retrofitted to safety standards.

Accidents involving destruction and casualties are possible.

Regardless of the preventive measures, in case of gross violation of the technological regime, improper operation, strong earthquakes, fires and other causes, a major accident is possible, as a result of which a large amount of detergent - liquid or powder - will leak. Climatic conditions can affect neighboring sites, nature and people nearby.


A fire alarm system is provided, which works when receiving a signal from sensors. Video surveillance is provided. Limited access to the chemical storage facility is provided, security is provided. Orders have been issued by the company's executive director to determine the persons who have access to the chemical storage facilities. Transport infrastructure is provided that meets the types of hazardous chemicals, mixtures, equipment / forklifts / used in loading and unloading.

An internal emergency plan in case of disasters and accidents has been developed. Fire extinguishers and equipment are available. After an accident near the affected area, but at a safe distance, a first aid station was organized. Assistance is provided to the specialized medical teams until the victims are accommodated in a health institution.


Upon finding a major industrial accident, the responsible persons notified SES 112, OD of the Ministry of Interior, OD PBZN in Nova Zagora, which in turn coordinates the interaction under the plan with the competent services of various municipal agencies, signaling and local radio stations.

The announcement is made through a local announcement system, fixed and mobile telephone network:


During the operation of its facilities Bulagro AD realizes its exclusive responsibility to its employees, neighboring sites and employees on their territory, the population near the company and to all factors and components of the environment.

The company systematically improves safety and working conditions, environmental protection and especially the human factor.

In this way we ensure full compliance with the Legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Prevention is an important element of modern integrated management systems.

The multi-layered risk management in the company Bulagro AD is structured at all levels, which ensures the security of work not only in the specific company, but also for the whole region.


For more detailed information on the facilities and activities of our site, as well as on substances and mixtures and on measures to prevent accidents and incidents, you can contact:

Name Position Address Phone E-mail
Maria Slavova Commercial Director, PRZ Stara Zagora 0888 55 68 37 office@bulagro.com
Warehouse Manager Warehouse Manager Stara Zagora 0887 60 40 48 office@bulagro.com
Valentin Hristov PBZN Consultant, PAB Stara Zagora 0889 65 57 79 offive@bulagro.com
Lazarin Ranchev Consultant PBZN, PAB Stara Zagora 0889 69 81 61 office@bulagro.com


  • When you receive a signal from the fire safety and public protection authorities, keep your composure and tell about the danger to the people around you.
  • In case of strong odor or accident, call the specialized services on 112.
  • If you are at home, close and seal the windows, doors and vents, attach blankets, curtains and more. If possible, occupy the upper floors of the building.
  • Lock the buildings when you leave them.
  • Prepare a gas mask, and if you do not have - wet a gauze bandage, towel or towel.
  • If you are outdoors, leave the area by moving perpendicular to the wind direction.
  • If you are in a vehicle, close the windows, continue on the shortest route and exit the area of the accident.
  • Help the victims. Take them out into the fresh air. Do not give artificial respiration, release them from tight clothing. It is advisable, if there are victims, to give warm milk and mineral water.
  • The victims are being sent to a hospital.
  • When leaving the accident area, remove and ventilate your clothing before removing personal protective equipment. Wash your mouth and eyes, wash your body with soap and water and put on clean clothes.
  • When returning home and work / after eliminating the accident / ventilate the premises

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