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Graduates of Trakia University with successful careers at Bulagro Group

The partnership between Bulagro Group and the Trakia University dates back to more than ten years ago. Its main purpose is to modernize and optimize the educational programs, so that they are adequate to the needs of the business. 

The executive director of Bulagro Group, eng. Hristofor Bunardzhiev, has repeatedly held lectures to students from different faculties, organized open days at the head office of the company in Stara Zagora, opened internship programs for students with no working experience in their specialty. In 2012, mr. Bunardzhiev was awarded the honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa of the Trakia University.

It was awarded to him for merits to the development of the Faculty of Economics of the university, by building a modern educational infrastructure, involvement in the educational process as a guest lecturer, stimulating and supporting the practical training of students by providing a base and specialized training for future economists.

To support and stimulate the young people, who will build the future of our country tomorrow, is a personal cause of Mr. Bunardzhiev.

Have a look at a couple of Trakia University graduates, who have accomplished successfull careers in their fields at Bulagro Group.

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